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Updated: 05/24/18


I'm Tim Holtrop, and this is the current Privacy Policy for the websites I operate under the domain names timholtrop.net and timholtrop.com, along with each site's sub-domains. This policy discusses my collection and use of information about those who visit my sites and/or contact me. This policy may be revised, changed, or updated from time to time, so please check this page to see the most recent version of the policy.

Although these sites are designed for general audiences and should contain family-friendly content that can be viewed and enjoyed by all ages, my sites, products, and services are primarily intended for use by adults, or with adult consent. Parental discretion and supervision is encouraged for children under thirteen.

I. Your information, and how I use it
    I do not collect any personally identifiable information about you as you visit these sites, or set any "cookies".
    I only collect personally identifiable information about you that you voluntarily give me via email, or other direct contact. In some cases, however, I may require certain information about you in order to respond to you, or for certain business purposes. I may use your information to respond to you regarding the reason you contacted me, to contact you to tell you about new products, services, other news, and/or for internal/business uses. I do not disclose this information without your permission, except as compelled by law, or as needed in the course of doing business with you.
    I may have access to information about you through third parties that provide me with certain products and/or services, like counting stats for these sites, selling products/services, processing financial transactions, or serving ads. In some cases, I may be bound by the terms of my agreement with these third parties. I may not be allowed to use your information, or I may be able to use it internally, according to the terms and policies of the parties from whom I receive it. In any case, except as legally compelled to do so, or as needed in the course of doing business with you, I do not disclose this information without your permission.

II. Your access to, and control over, the information I have about you
    You may view the information I have about you (if any), register changes or corrections to this information, request that I delete it, or opt-out of any future communications from me. I may include an opt-out link in the e-mails I send you, or, you may simply contact me with your request using the e-mail form on my contact page, or the contact information below, and I will try to take care of it as quickly as I can.

III. Third Parties
    As I mentioned earlier, there are third parties that provide certain services to/for me. My sites may contain links to these, and other third party websites and/or contact information. I am not responsible for the content, conduct, terms, policies, privacy practices, (etc.) of any third parties or their sites. I may have relationships with third parties who use cookies, and those who collect non-personally identifiable information about you, such as those counting stats or serving ads. I may also have relationships with third parties who collect personally identifiable information about you, such as those selling products, services, or those processing financial transactions. Please consult the terms and policies of all third parties to find out how they collect and use your information. You can find out how Google, who serves ads on my sites, uses information and handles your privacy here: https://policies.google.com/technologies/partner-sites

IV. Contact
    If you have any concerns, comments, or other questions you can contact me using the e-mail form on my contact page or the contact information below:

Tim Holtrop
P.O. Box 251
Fruitport, MI 49415

Thanks for reviewing my privacy policy. I hope it answered your questions about the privacy practices for my sites.



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