Tim Holtrop, storyboard artist / illustrator

Storyboard Artist and Illustrator, Tim Holtrop:
Providing artistic products & services for projects in film, TV, video games, comics, publishing, advertising, web, and more!  Represented by Famous Frames, Inc.


   Film/TV Credits List

• Storyboards, Comp Art, Concept Sketches, Illustrations •

Credits List

FILM/TV (Partial List)
Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within In The Shadows Roswell Species II
Best of the Best: Without Warning The Hunter’s Moon Beloved The 119
BMW - Chosen / Ambush Cinderella She’s All That The Pretender
COMMERCIALS (Partial List)
Firestone MasterCare Mountain Dew Coke Honda
Mario / Got Milk? GAP Kids Pepsi Sun Microsystems
Energizer Red Lobster U.S.P.S. Expedia.com
General Mills Wells Fargo GMC Kumho Tires
American Express Saturn BMW Cedar Point
VIDEO GAMES (Partial List)
Twisted Metal: Black Superman Spiderman Aliens
Batman-Rise of Sin Tsu Tomb Raider Freedom Force Shifters
Land Before Time Tenchu 3 Spy Kids 3 Shrek
Buzz Lightyear Scooby Doo Lady Sia Die Hard
PUBLISHING (Partial List)
Hawkman OZ Negative Burn The Underside
Eden Descendants Pocahontas Taming the Land Little Women

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I currently provide my services to clients
around the country, working from my home in West Michigan, delivering art via e-mail / internet.
  More About Tim
I primarily do my b/w
and color work in a quick, loose, action-oriented, comic book style.

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